About Us

The North Tipperary Hospice Movement was founded in 1981.  Initially it concentrated on the establishment of an in-home support service involving the provision of specialist beds and ancillary equipment together with appropriate nursing care to assist terminally ill patients who wished to spend their final weeks or days in the comfort of their own homes surrounded by family and friends.  More recently, roughly 10 years ago in fact, to enable us to be in a position to intervene at an earlier stage in the cancer journey, Support Centres were established in Nenagh (Suaimhneas) and Thurles (Suir Haven) to provide counselling, therapies and other supports on an individual and group basis to cancer patients and their families.  In addition an Outreach Centre has been established in Roscrea.

Since it was first established, all the services provided by the North Tipperary Hospice Movement are delivered to patients and their families on a confidential basis and totally free of charge.  Currently the annual budget required is in the region of €400,000 all of which is raised through fundraising events and voluntary contributions.  We are deeply indebted to the many thousands of supporters who have contributed so willingly over the past 30 years to enable us to keep on providing these valuable services throughout North Tipperary. 

Our Team

Volunteerism is key to our work. Our organisation is made up of volunteers and staff from all over North Tipperary.  Our thanks and gratitude to all our volunteers who give their time generously to ensure that our work grows and continues.  To continue to provide all our services free of charge we rely on the good will of many kind people who organise fund raisers and make generous donations. To all who donate much needed funds the organisation is most thankful.