Good Practice Statement



Good Practice Statement


North Tipperary Hospice Movement is an Independent Community based nonprofit self funding charity.  It supports the provision of free professional palliative care in North Tipperary through making freely available home based specialized equipment and psychological support for patients their family members during end stage of life.


Our Cancer Support centre’s  provide free emotional support, practical help and information to people affected by cancer and their loved ones in a compassionate, safe, warm and confidential environment from the time of diagnosis through treatment and afterwards.

Our Vision

That no individual in North Tipperary or his or her family passes through their end of life without the best professional in home care service and support according to their needs and wishes.  That everyone in our community facing cancer or a life limiting illness, their family members and their carers receive the best possible care according to their needs and wishes.

Our Values

Compassion: The organisation demonstrates the utmost care and compassion.


Accountability: The organisation aims to achieve the highest standards of Governance and Integrity.



We invest in learning and development striving for excellence in all we do.



We cherish the dignity of all our service users.  

We provide a haven for those for whom a life limiting illness can be very difficult.



We have put policies and procedures in place to ensure that all our service users, volunteers, staff, Board members and members in our local community can be assured we place great value on high standards.

We have structures in place to ensure people who come in touch with the service are treated in a very secure and confidential manner.


Dignity Companion Kindness: 


The organisation strives to ensure that all our services are delivered with Dignity, Compassion and Kindness.


 North Tipperary Hospice Movement is committed to the following principles of good practice.


We promote equality, access and inclusiveness in all the voluntary services we deliver at our cancer care centres in Suir Haven, Thurles, Suaimhneas Nenagh, out Reach centre, Roscrea.

We promote equality in the provision of our Home Care service.

We have respect for each other, our members and our service users, our volunteers and members of the public.


We have a clear mission, management structure and reporting relationships. 

We document, organise and plan our work.  We plan and evaluate all our efforts and projects.  We comply with relevant legislation and ensure adherence to the agreed standards.


We provide relevant vetting and training for all our staff, volunteers and Board of Management members.  Our staff is all suitably qualified. Our practitioners and Counselors and therapists are suitably qualified. Our therapies are all carried out professionally. We engage in a supervision process.


We respect the dignity and privacy of our team and service users.  We are conscious of the rights to privacy of all those the organisation serves, actively vindicating that right and doing nothing to compromise it in anyway.  We comply with the current Data Protection Act.  Our confidentiality policy is readily available and is shared with our service users.



Ratified at the annual general meeting October 2021.


Paddy Cadell. Chairman                  Eileen Kennedy. Secretary.